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What songs you like the most?

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What songs you like the most? Empty What songs you like the most?

Post  Guest Sun 18 Jan 2009, 4:20 am

Wanda Whips Wall Street - Caught The Black Fire
Grandevils & Mr. Lordi - Grandevils
Domination Black & Mr. Lordi - The House Of 1000 Eyes
In Flames - Leeches
Guns N' Roses - Chinesse Democracy
Kotipelto - Coldness Of My Mind; Vizier; Mr. Know-It-All
Thunderstone - 10000 Ways; Tool Of The Devil; Feed The Fire; The Source
Lordi - Bite It Like A Bulldog; Inferno; Deadache; Blood Red Sandman; Pyromite; My Heaven Is Your Hell; Dead Bugs Bite; Dynamite Tonite; It Snows In Hell
Bullet For My Valentine - Hit The Floor; Domination; Waking The Demon; Her Voice Resides
Children Of Bodom - Kissing The Shadows; Blooddrunk
Dimmu Borgir - Puritania
Concrete - Sick
Jeff Killed John - Bouncy Stuff
Killswitch Engage - This Fire Burns; Holly Diver; When Darkness Falls; This Is Absolution
Monstervision Freakshow - Welcome To Hellsinki
Municipal Waste - The Inebriator; Sadistic Magician
Nightwish - Sahara; Nemo; I Wish I Had An Angel; 7 Days To The Wolves
Rammstein - Du Riescht So Gut; Du Hast; Ich Will; Mein Teil; Benzin; Amerika; Kein Lust; Links 2 3 4
Slipknot - Psychosocial; My Plague; People = Shit;
Shadows Fall - Redemption
Rob Zombie - Demon Speeding; Scum Of The Earth; House Of 1000 Corpes; Iron Head; Feel So Numb
Scorpions - Rock You Like A Hurricane
Soilwork - Nerve
Sonata Arctica - Replica; Wolf And Raven
Sonic Syndicate - Denied
Shinedown - Devour
Stratovarius - Dreamspace; Millenium
SO. - One Nite Stand; Shout; Hot Blooded; Got To Believe
The Spiders - Never Gonna Beg For Love
Velvet Revolver - Slither
Trivium - Down From The Sky
Therion - Summernight City
Terasbetoni - Orjatar
Metallica - The Day That Never Comes; I Disappear; Wherever I May Roam
Helloween - If I Could Fly
Dragonforce - Through The Fire And Flames
AC/DC - Rock N' Roll Train; Highway To Hell
AFI - Miss Murder
Cradle Of Filth - Her Ghost In The Fog; Nyphetamine; No Time To Cry
Crematory - The Fallen
Disturbed - Stricken
Korpiklaani - Keep On Galloping
Father - Machina

Hope you like my selection. Let's see your's. Very Happy

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What songs you like the most? Empty Re: What songs you like the most?

Post  AAore Sun 18 Jan 2009, 3:04 pm

hmm... Im nearly just a lordi fan but, I can wright my fav lordi songs Smile

1. Monsters Keep Me Company
2. Hard Rock Hallelujah
3. It Snows In Hell
4. Icon Of Dominance
5. Shotgud Divorse
6. Wake The Snake
7. All the other songs...

P.S: Can you send me the house of 1000 eyes?? via msn??

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